1st office job – the essentials

If you’ve long tired of shift work and saying goodbye to your weekends, then landing your first office job is a big deal. It can be the first step in your chosen career, or a welcome change to constantly fluctuating hours (we’re looking at you zero hour contracts!).

Once you’ve landed your first office job, then there are a few essentials that it can be a good idea to invest in before you start your Monday to Friday grind. These are simple and fairly basic things that every office worker should have…

A suit

Whatever your role in the office, it is always a good idea to have a presentable suit to wear should the occasion arise. Many offices these days do have more smart-casual dress codes, however you never know when you might be asked to sit in on a big meeting or meet a client, and it is always clever in this sorts of situations to show a smart and business-minded front. You don’t have splash out on a designer suit, but do make sure that it is well-fitting and a modern cut.

A lunchbox

Although the novelty of an office job can see you at first enjoying lunches out to all the local eateries, this can be a bit of a serious drain on your finances. So once you’ve settled in a bit and done your socialising, do start to get into the habit of bringing in a lunchbox. Not only will it undoubtedly save you money, but it will also be in general healthier too.

A backpack

The days of the briefcase are numbered, and the backpack is the cooler and more practical replacement that nearly everyone is now using. It’s ideal for the commute whether that’s by public transport, bike or even car, and it can definitely fit a lot more than your standard briefcase, including your laptop and lunch.

These are all small things, but having them in your possession can help you to be more organised in your new office role.

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