Sharpening up your skills

Once you’re in a job and in a sector that you enjoy and can thrive in, there can be a bit of a tendency to rest on our laurels so to speak. This can mean either doing the bear minimum you’re required to at work, or a lack of initiative and drive to work on your existing skills and add to them.

There is no point in letting your skills get rusty or failing to take the opportunity when it arises to increase your knowledge and skillset, so if you’ve been coasting along, now is the time to start sharpening up your skills. It doesn’t take a great deal of effort, and chances are that you’ll find it really rewarding.

Night classes

Despite our love of all things online, night classes remain popular for a reason – they deliver results. The motivation of not only paying for a class weekly, but also being part of a study group can really help you to stay on track. So whether you’re looking for basic accounting skills or want to improve your presentations, a night class at your local community centre or college could be ideal for you.


If however you are more of a home-bird and have the enthusiasm to do it yourself, then self-study might be the better choice. Thanks to the internet and your local library, you can study practically anything you like, so it’s easy to pick and choose what you want to hone in on.

Colleague shadowing

And don’t forget that your colleagues can also help you in your skills quest. Maybe somebody is an excel spreadsheet master, or perhaps they know their way around basic programming. Whatever it is, see if you can shadow them at all to pick up on their useful skills.

We should never stop learning, even when we don’t need to, so use these tips to help keep your skills sharp and keep adding to them!

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